Dance-onomics – The economic significance of EDM for the Netherlands

DDMCA has contributed with it’s intelligence and it’s know how about the Dutch EDM scene to EVAR Advisory Services for the report ‘ Dance-onomics The Economic significance of EDM for the Netherlands’.  The report of EVAR Advisory Services looks at the economic significance of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) for the Netherlands. It presents an overview of the direct financial flows associated with Dutch EDM. The results are the outcome of an update and extension of the accounting model that EVAR constructed in 2007. The accounting model was derived from the first-ever survey of the economic significance of dance in the Netherlands, conducted by KPMG in 2002.

In general, the first decade of the 21st century witnessed a great many musical changes, innovations and revolutions in the dance world, but as a whole the scene simply continued to grow. Dance music became to some extent synonymous for pop music, appealing to the taste of millions. Perhaps the most striking change was that, since the turn of the century, the Netherlands has continued to provide an almost uninterrupted flow of DJs and producers who developed into major international stars.

A comparison between 2002 and 2012 of the direct financial flows associated with EDM shows that especially the category “Large-scale festivals & events” and the category “DJs, VJs, producers and agencies” have benefited from the increased popularity of EDM. “Recorded music” and “Clubs, discos, music venues and auditoria” are the categories that – compared to the 2002 results – have lost market share in terms of the direct financial flows that these activities generate. In terms of employment, EVAR estimate that a total of approximately 7,000 FTE are currently linked with the EDM industry in the Netherlands.

Dutch EDM “going global” has its clear impact on the economic significance of EDM for the Netherlands. The direct financial flows related with Dutch EDM exports are substantial and increasing rapidly. The potential size of the global EDM events market, which is estimated at approximately €2.7 billion, strongly suggests that the international position of Dutch EDM can be strengthened further. The full report is available below. Download the pdf by clicking the image below.



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