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Social Media, Blogs and Online Communities are the biggest opportunities you have to get inside a pool of conversations about you, your business or your organisation. It also helps extend your relationship with your followers, fans, or customers by responding to their comments and differentiate you, your brand or organisation building a strong online presence. But how does it do all of this?

In Social Media Monitoring and Internet monitoring, relevance plays a big role to engage followers, fans, customers or influencers. That’s why you will need those mentions and reactions that stand out in the social space. Metrics also need to pinpoint the most popular stories that caught people’s attention, top social and internet platforms used to engage and data on how people feel towards you, your brand or your organisation.

Our social conversations analysis shows how the mentions volume improved over time, your keywords’ share of voice for the most important social and internet platforms and also sentiment values for conversations happening around you, your brand or your organisation.

But what can the common user or business do to use metrics as an indicator of the future?

Popular stories can be used to tap into what consumers, followers, fans and advocates really care about when it comes to you, your business or your organisation. Once you’ve launched a message that they responded to, try redoubling your succes by doing something similar – or, better yet, something with a lot more impact.

Use the input you received from your community to craft your future actions. After all they’re the ones who decide what’s cool or not. Build on the relationships you’ve gained by trying to find out what people actually like and giving it to them. Maybe they can help you catch a bug that needs to be fixed. Or implement a new feature that will get a lot of positive responses. Or even catch a PR fire before it’s started by pointing your attention on an issue that needs to be solved. There’s a lot to gain if you just listen.

Influencers are also a good way of getting a glimpse into what people might like in the future. If your message got multiplied with the help of someone with a powerful voice, you could try analyzing their social profile for a deeper understanding of what they’re interested in. Then engage those people that are a match for your type of business and use their ideas to improve your services. Even if they’re dissatisfied  with your services, helping them will show the community you care and that you can address an issue in the most professional manner.

Sentiment can be used as a very good resource to understand what people like – it’s actually a “what you see is what you get” situation. Especially if you get a daily breakdown of the indexed sentiment, it’s easier to see what appeals to your community.

Some examples of data visualizations DDMCA created:

DDMCA is specialized in Internet Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring and Reporting. Bringing context to all collected data is key for DDMCA. Providing the right context, vision and strategy is where it is all about. Feel free to contact if you have any question.


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